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Buy Now Pay Later

We will not download any payment from your account until the day before we bring your greenhouse to you, so if you place an order and put your bank details into our sage pay system, payment will not be taken until the day before we bring your greenhouse.

How big should my greenhouse be?

Our advice is to purchase the biggest greenhouse you have got space for. We supply a wide range of sizes to suit every budget.

Full Sheet Toughened Glass or Horticultural Glass?

Toughened Glass is 7x stronger than Horticultural Glass. If you were unlucky enough to break a pane of toughened glass it would shatter into tiny pieces. Horticultural Glass is standard glass that if broken will have sharp edges. If you have children playing near your greenhouse or your greenhouse is not in a sheltered area and susceptible to high winds we recommend Full Sheet Toughened Safety Glass.

Do I need a Greenhouse Base Plinth

You will need a base plinth for your greenhouse. Many of our greenhouses come with a prefabricated base plinth. You must always double check to make sure it is included. If it isn’t there will be an option to purchase one of our base plinths as an upgrade. If you do not want to spend extra on a prefabricated base plinth you could make your own with bricks, breeze blocks, tanalized wooden plinths etc. If this is your aim you need the exact dimensions of the greenhouse you want to purchase. Contact us for information.

Can I Install my Greenhouse straight onto Soil

We do provide an anchor pack with our greenhouses so if you wish, you could anchor your greenhouse into soil in each corner using post mix. But we would suggest the most sufficient way of anchoring your greenhouse down would be to lay either a concrete or slabbed area, (at the edges is fine if you want soil inside your greenhouse) and then drill, rawplug and fasten your greenhouse onto that area.

Do you supply Replacement Glass

We do supply replacement glass. Please enquire – Tel. 01623443331

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