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6ft Wide Trafalgar

The Hercules Trafalgar Greenhouse is as its name suggests, high quality and with a strong frame. It comes complete with many extra features as standard.

The Hercules Trafalgar has all the features of what is needed to help create the perfect greenhouse environment as well as having a structure that has been specially designed with more metal in the frame and extra cantilever braces in the roof for strength, to stand up against bad weather conditions. The Trafalgar has ample ventilation including louver windows with all roof vents made automatic.
The Trafalgar has an 18” high pane of toughened glass all the way around the bottom so if you accidently break a pane it isn’t too costly to replace. The glass is also held in with PVC bar capping eliminating greenhouse clips giving a far neater finish and making it able to withstand the wind better.

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